Our Purpose

To activate the IT industry of Okinawa. Especially, Asia Business Promotion Committee seek ways to achieve the following.
We will support the development of corporate and human resources that can challenge overseas business to including the Asian countries.
We towards Asian countries the geographical advantage of Okinawa and build a business model that becomes the bridge between Japan and the world in Okinawa.
Okinawa companies to provide to Asian countries the software and cloud services developed using Okinawa type cloud centers and GIX.
We will build a good friendship with the Asian companies and promote aggressively business of software development for Asia such as a smartphone application abroad
We will support the products and services developed with a competitive edge for other industry of Okinawa step forward to overseas business in overseas markets.

Asia Business Promotion Committee of activity guidelines

Learn about the challenges of when expansion business in Asia
Exchange views with Japanese that business (trading and corporate) abroad
Have a relationship and information exchange with Asian companies
Learn about the law, tax, and various rights with respect to Asian countries of business
Contracting method between foreign companies , ordering format and collecting method
About the adoption of foreign, contract problem, advantages and disadvantages from the experience
Learn about the how to connect to overseas, fee, a variety of problems
Learn about the effective PR ・ advertising method used to business in Asia

Asia partnership support project  The Company of promotion committee

GNA Co., Ltd.
OKIT Corporation
Risotech. Corporation
Okinawa Tecnos Inc.
WiseLine Corporation
Okinawa Cross Head Co., Ltd.
Lequios soft Inc.
OCC Co., Ltd.
Ryukyu Network Service Co.,Ltd
BusinessRalliart inc.
Okinawa SoftWare Center Co., Ltd.
E-SIR Co., Ltd.
The Okiden Global Systems Company, Incorporated
U-Mark co., Ltd.